How To Login Into My Netgear router Remotely

In order to log in to your NETGEAR router remotely, you will need to open the Desktop genie software on your local computer. This is the computer that is physically connected to your router. Once you have opened the Desktop genie software, click on Router Settings and then select Remote Access for www.routerlogin.com as. You will then see a login screen like the one shown below. Note: In case it automatically logs in after clicking on Router Settings, you can just click on Logout to go back to the login screen.

You must enable remote sharing to access the Router Remote.

Turning on remote sharing is easy. All you need to do it type the router’s IP or default gateway address in your web browser, then enter a username and password for access once prompted with “Means online Store is offering secure connections that protect both customer data as well their own assets from hackers looking into any possible weakness they can find when working remotely.

Netgear routers have a remote management option that you can find under Settings > Remote Management.

  • Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network you wish to use
  •  Launch Nighthawk OR Bi Fold App (depending on which one is easier for this task).
  • The dashboard should display when clicked
  • Tap ‘Settings’ in upper left corner
  • Select ANYWHERE ACCESS from menu
  •  Toggle Enables
  • When you’re ready, toggling this setting on will allow users access from any device.
  • A toggle switch allows for easy adjustments so that people can find their ideal work style!

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