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How to Factory Reset Netgear Router

All Netgear router allow computers to have access to the same high-speed internet. But sometimes, their speed gets slow or sometimes they just stop altogether most of the time, but the easiest solution is resetting them.

When you factory reset you all the personal settings will remove. Including Username, password, Wi-Fi network name, and security setting. After reset, you have to configure them again.

Here are the following steps by step guide to reset Netgear router.

To reset the Netgear router use the Reset Button to perform

Using the Router Reset button, you are able to reset the Netgear router on the device that you currently use.

Steps 1

In the Beginning, Make sure that your Netgear router’s Power light is on. After that, you have to locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button on the back of your router.

Step 2

Use a pen or paperclip to access it. To avoid accidental resets, the small button is recessed. Now insert a pen or paper clip into the recess to press and hold the Reset button for 7-10 seconds. Then the power lights will start blinking. ​

Step 3

Now remove the paper clip from the Reset Button and take a break to reboot the router. Then the router has stared the resetting process. Once it’s done ensure that the router problems are solved and working correctly.

Step 4

Now Dashboard will show on the screen. From the window, select the setting tab on the left panel. After all, just click on the Administration and select the backup Setting Options

Steps 5

On the Backup Setting tab, press the erase button, click on the under the ‘Revert to Factory default setting’ section.

Steps 6

Once your backup setting popup, then click on the Yes button to confirm the reset. Then your reset processing will start, and then the power light will be blinking in green or white color. After that completing your reset process and ensure that if the problem you were facing is fixed or not.

Frequently Ask Questions

What should I do after resetting the Netgear router to factory settings?

After the factory reset the unit, you have to configure the setting in order to get online, and then the Factory reset will be wipeout of all the settings onto your router. So, your last setting is erased and therefore you have to re-submit all the settings that you had.

Why my Netgear router not working?

Restarting the entire network is one of the most efficient and highly effective troubleshooting solutions, such as a Netgear router that does not connect to the Internet. To do this, disconnect all cables from the computer and the router. Unplug the power adapter on the router and wait two minutes.

Is it bad to factory reset your router?

Restoring factory settings is a good idea if you have to sell or dispose of the router. This way, anyone approaching your router can start again without revealing any of your personal information (such as your Wi-Fi password).


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